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Don't Get Stumped

If you have a stump in your yard that could become a tripping hazard or is potentially unsafe for you or your guests, our company will come out and grind it down to ground level for you. You'll never have to worry about that unsightly stump again once you utilize our stump removal services. We have a stump grinder that can chew up any portion of your tree stump that's above the surface, so your lawn will be safe and free of obstacles. This service also helps to make your life easier the next time you mow your lawn, because you don't have to avoid awkward roots jutting out of the ground. Contact us today if you have a stump that needs to be ground down and eliminated from your property.

Clean Up

Clear Up Some Space at Your Bastrop, Elgin or Austin, TX Home

We can help you clear out your property for a big construction project or following a disastrous storm. Whether you want to build a house, farm, or if you just have too many trees to safely manage on your property, Ramos Tree Services in Bastrop, Texas, has got you covered. This land clearing service can include the use of heavy equipment, such as bobcats, bulldozers, or loaders or can be as simple as just hauling off dead branches and limbs for you. Why put yourself out there in the Texas heat when you can contract our team of professionals to do it the way you want it? We'll even out the ground for you after we clear everything out of your lot and make sure that the surface is level enough to build a house or any other kind of structure on. Our prices are affordable and we're happy to work with you on a rate that's honest and fair.