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Whether removing a fallen tree or just trimming back some branches, we offer complete tree services for our customers in Bastrop, Texas. We take pride in our work and include complementary cleanup services to ensure that your property is in top condition and you're completely satisfied with our work. Our crew is professional, experienced, and fully insured. Ramos Tree Services is one of the best tree service and removal companies in the area and we take our business seriously. We provide a full range of tree maintenance services that can help keep your property secure year round, as well as add curb appeal and secure your home and nearby roads in order to ensure everyone's safety. More than just tree-removal experts, we are engaged and reliable land management professionals.

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"After coming home to find a tree had fallen on house, I called Ramos Tree Services. I figured it would take several days and cost me a fortune - neither was true. They got to me quickly and were kind enough to cut up the tree, leaving it for firewood."
- Alicia M.

About Us 

Ramos Tree Services is a fast-growing company based in Bastrop, Texas. We blossomed quickly and flourished in this area, because we know that taking care of your customers is the cornerstone of this industry. When you always put your customers first, then they'll take care of you and trust you to come back to their home again for all of their future projects. Our company was founded on the principles of honesty, punctuality, communication, and dependability and we've been in this business for over 15 years, so we must be doing something right. We're ambitious and work hard to build a legacy that we'll be proud to pass down to our children some day.

At Ramos Tree Services, we give you reasonable rates and estimates and accept check and credit card payments. We take pride in being prompt and we make every effort to be at your location at our appointed time. Our arborists are well- trained and highly-skilled professionals, taking land management and the health of the environment very seriously. For our team, it's all about trust and communication with our customers and we always put 100% of our effort into every job we do.

(512) 988-9140

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