Bastrop,TX Tree surgeons for every situation

During an emergency storm scenario, we try to be more flexible with our customers and do whatever we can for the people in our community. If we're working on a job site and get an emergency call, we communicate with our current customer and let them know that we have to leave for a short time to handle it. We typically give them a 10% discount for the hassle and the fact that we had to leave the site in the middle of a job. The most common disaster that Ramos Tree Services responds to in the Bastrop, Texas, area is trees or large branches falling on and damaging a customer's house following a big regional storm. Our crew will come in, carefully remove the tree from your home, haul off the remains from our tree cutting, and clean up your yard for you afterward. Your safety is our top priority and we want to help you through this stressful ordeal as quickly and effectively as we possibly can.

Bastrop, Elgin & Austin, TX Tree Surgeons For Every Situation

Our primary goal is to keep all of our customers happy and completely satisfied with the services we provide for them. We take pride in our diligence and don't take any shortcuts on the job site. Removing a tree is like building a house backwards. Most people build a house from the bottom and work their way up, whereas we start from the top of a tree and work our way down to the bottom to keep the process as safe as possible. Our tree surgeons work together, communicate, and strive to complete projects efficiently, so things will be back to normal again for you as soon as possible. During our last storm, many people in our area lost houses, cars, and more to damage from falling trees and we worked hard all day to keep people in our community safe and secure.

A man holding a chain saw in front of a tree.