safe and effective tree removal in Bastrop Texas and surrounding areas

Whenever you have a tree on your property that's dead or dying, it could easily become a hazard to your home or family. We can remove trees of any size from commercial and residential properties in the region. Our tree removal services will boost your curb appeal and completely transform your yard. We would be happy to come out and look at your tree to determine if it's healthy or not. If the tree's still alive, we'll attempt to save it for you first if you'd prefer. No other tree services company in the area that we're aware of would do that for its customers.

If we aren't able to save your tree or decide that it's already dead, then we get right to work climbing it, cutting the limbs off, chopping away at it, and grinding it down for you. There's no point in keeping a dead tree in your yard that could fall anytime and cause harm to your family, house, or even pets. We're local, affordable, and dependable. If something comes up, we always give our customers a courtesy call to let them know when we'll be there to take care of their project for them.

A man in yellow vest standing on top of a tree.

Professional tree trimming and pruning in Bastrop TX and surrounding areas.

We also provide professional tree trimming and care services to ensure the health and longevity of the trees on your property. When we come out, we'll start by pruning away branches to lift your tree up to canopy height and then we work on giving it the shape that it needs to flourish and grow. We typically start close to the trunk of the tree and work our way out trimming back its limbs, including some of the bigger ones that are dying or could be potentially dangerous. Oak trees that are over 2 inches in diameter are sprayed with black tree paint to prevent insect infestations. This ultimately makes your tree look better and also ensures that it'll live for at least another century or two. Our crew always gives 100% of their effort towards getting the job done right the first time around, so you can trust the quality of our services.